Santa's Reindeer Track Maker with free Magical Reindeer Food - FREE Shipping

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Don't let the Magic of Christmas slip away!  Pre-Season Sale.

As parents, I am sure we all received the communication from Santa's head of communications regarding the decision to no longer allow the reindeer to touch down on "terra firma".  On the bright side, it was passed along that Santa will continue to allow the reindeer to eat any reindeer food left for them by simply hovering a few feet off of the ground during their meal.  While I understand the reasoning behind the latest decree from the North Pole which sited added dangers for ground landings and the need for more efficient "house to house" transitions for his team.  It is a little sad that we can no longer expect to see the reindeer tracks outside as I have in years past.  

Now, with Santa's Reindeer Track Maker, your family can leave the Magical Reindeer Food, included in this purchase,  and add in your own Reindeer Tracks around it.  When the little ones check on Christmas morning they will not only find the food devoured by Santa's Reindeer, they will still be able to see the reindeer tracks.  

The magic of Christmas! 

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