I may not know WHAT I'm doing, but I certainly know WHY I'm doing it

Eric Murray

One of the recurring themes of my life has been the realization that every situation ends in a better place if it is approached with a sense of understanding, empathy and the basic desire to produce a positive and fun atmosphere. The saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" comes to mind.  So obviously I'm not the only person to have had this thought.  

I created RISU, LLC as a way to spread some smiles beyond my physical day to day reach. RISU is Latin for smile by the way.....just sayin'

The first venture for RISU, LLC is , which I hope will offer the ability for people to easy pass along smiles, fun, love and magic.  Magic?  You have to admit, there is something magical when people, especially children, experience uncontrolled laughter, smiles and love.

Stay tuned as I continue to grow the avenues to spread happiness.

Fun Loving Gifts is the initial venture for our parent company RISU, LLC in fulfilling the singular mission of making the world a better place simply by creating smiles.  RISU is Latin for "Smile".  

Any items offered through Fun Loving Gifts will have a clear relationship to the RISU, LLC mission and fit comfortably within the website's name:  FUN - LOVING - GIFTS

The philosophy of fun, love and smiles is present in every aspect of the Fun Loving Gifts experience.  Great products, great service and FREE Shipping....always.

 We will leave you with a smile on your face.

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